Which integration tier should I use?

We offer a variety of integration packages to empower the sales team to close deals without requiring a feasibility review.

Just answer a few quick questions (we promise, it won't take you more than 2 minutes!) and we'll let you know what product solution will work best for you.

Hold up!

If you do not know the platform we will be integrating with please discuss this further with the prospect to confirm which platform they would like to integrate with. If they are not able to confirm, an integration package cannot be used.

If you have confirmed the platform they would like to integrate with but it's not listed here, please file a feasibility review for the Tier 2 Support team to review technical documentation provided by the prospect. You can submit a ticket real quick through the link below!

Hold up!

If you don't know whether the customer wants to send and/or retrieve data, you will need to confirm before you can move onto the next step.